Hidden Springs Lake
Neshkoro, WI


Hidden Springs Lake is a private lake located in southwestern Waushara County near the village of Neshkoro. It was established in 1971 as a man-made lake consisting of 32 acres with a 2-mile perimeter on roads and 4 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth is approximately 16 feet.

Our lake has 152 lots, 144 property owners, and includes an island, wildlife habitat, a commonly owned beach lot and a boat launch for use by all property owners.

The Property Owners Association arranges for weed control (as necessary) and the stocking of fish. 
Our lake includes northern, bluegill, large-mouth bass, perch, walleye, tiger musky, crappies and black bass. Minnows are planted each year as feed for the larger fish. Property owners enjoy excellent fishing, swimming and boating.